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Andaman and Nicobar Command

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The Andaman & Nicobar Command (ANC), with its HQ at Port Blair, is commanded by a three star officer who reports directly to Lieutenant General Hardev Singh Lidder, who is the CISC (Chief of Integrated Service Command) in New Delhi. Rear Admiral P K Nair serves as the Chief of Staff, ANC and reports to the three star officer. The ANC, which came into being on 08 October 2001, is an operational unified tri-command which is being used to monitor & counter military and terrorist activities in the Bay of Bengal and the adjoining waters. Lying 1,190 km east of Chennai (Madras), the ANC is also viewed as countering Chinese monitoring centers in Myanmar (Burma). Although operational, constructing & equipping the base will take longer. Command of the ANC will rotate among the three services.

The flotilla at the ANC consists of four Trinkat Class fast patrol vessels, eight Mk.3 LCU vessels, a few Polnochny-C/D Class amphibious warfare vessels and the SDB Mk.3 large patrol craft. Do-228-101 maritime patrol craft, operating from airfields at Port Blair, Car Nicobar, Campbell Bay and Diglipur maintain surveillance over the sea areas and approaches. CGAS 745, consisting of Do-228s, operate from Port Blair. The army presence consists of an infantry brigade, which plans to increase its strength to a full division. The No.122 Helicopter Unit (Mi-8s) operates from Car Nicobar and is the air force presence at the ANC. Eventually a fighter squadron will also be based here, thereby increasing the ANC's strike capability.

INS Jarawa, located at Port Blair, has limited support facilities including a floating dock.

INHS Dhanvantari, located at Port Blair, is a Naval Hospital.

• INS Kardip, located at Nicobar, is an advance base.

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