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A multimedia look inside the Air India 777-300ER

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farnborough-header.jpgFARNBOROUGH -- Boeing and Air India gave us a look inside the brand new 777-300ER and here's the video we put together. VT-ALN, which is just 17 days old, made the trip from Everett last weekend to Farnborough. There are six parts to the video, three of which take you through the lavish cabin and narrated by Jitender Bhargava, Executive Director of Corporate Communications for Air India.

The other two are narrated by yours truly. One is a brief introduction welcoming you to the 777-300ER.The second is a peek at the crew rest area and demonstrates my inability to convert to Celsius on the fly. The final one is a very tired, over-caffeinated blogger giving a 7 minute guided tour of the 777 flight deck. I know for a fact that there are those of you who visit the blog who either fly the 777, have some part in designing, or build them, so please, cut me some slack, because I'm sure I missed a lot.

777-flghtdeck.jpg777-firstclass.jpgMORE HI-RES CABIN & FLIGHTDECK PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMP
Business Class777-businessclas.jpg
Economy Class777-economy.jpg
Crew Rest Area
Overhead Panel
Throttle Quadrant
Electronic Flightbag Cabin Surveillance
Special thanks to Yvonne Leach, Samantha Solomon and Jim Condelles of Boeing for assisting in the planning of this tour.

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