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Movie Monday - February 27 - Cold and Dark to Ready to Taxi

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This week's Movie Monday takes us to Lithuania, home to Baltic Aviation Academy. BAA's social media presence is significantly larger than the overwhelming majority of pilot training centers and they've provided a look into two of the most prolific narrowbody aircraft on the planet. With our guide Pranas Drulis, an ATP student, BAA takes us through the initial procedures to take the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 Classic family from "cold and dark" after first receiving the jet all the way through to the point just before the simulated aircraft are ready for taxi. Movie Monday doesn't quite get more in the weeds than this, but it's the most detailed look at the side-by-side similarities and differences of the systems and procedures for these two types. The two videos run a total of 34min. Enjoy!

UPDATE 9:59 PM ET: There were a few questions about why a Classic not Next Generation 737 was used as comparison. While BAA does operate a 737-800 simulator at its Vilnius campus, the video they chose to produce is for Boeing's second generation narrowbody workhorse.

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