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Bombardier C-Series to Feature P&W; Geared Turbo Fan

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DUBAI -- Gary Scott, President of New Commercial Aircraft Programs for Bombardier Aerospace, tells Flightblogger and Flight International that the Montreal based aircraft maker is now working exclusively with Pratt & Whitney to offer a geared turbo fan engine on its C-Series aircraft.

Bombardier intends to launch its C-Series aircraft in 2008 for an entry in to service in 2013.


The Pratt & Whitney geared turbo fan is expected to feature a max thrust rating of 23,300 lbs to carry the C-Series up to 2,300 nm.

Bombardier believes the geared turbo fan powerplant will offer an estimated 20% better fuel burn than the narrow body aircraft it hopes to replace.

The C-Series is being designed as a replacement for aging aircraft like classic the 737, DC-9, MD-80, BAe-146 and the Fokker 100.

Bombardier slowed development in 2006 to continue talking with customers and investors to develop the largest members of its commercial aircraft family.

Bombardier says the C-Series will achieve an overall 15% better cash operating cost by increasing the amount of new materials it will be built from. Composites will now account for 47% of the aircraft, up from 20% for the original design. Overall, the aircraft will feature 70% new materials including extensive usage of aluminum lithium.

The C110 and C130 will seat 110 and 130 passengers respectively with a 32 in. seat pitch. The five-abreast cabin will feature larger windows and overhead luggage bins, as well as an all new fly by wire flight deck.

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