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787 Flight Test wins April Fools Day. Hands down.

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Someone has a sense of humor at Boeing.

I got an interesting email yesterday from someone familiar with the 787's flight test plan. They said that ZA001 was scheduled to conduct "inverted supersonic operations" today, April 1. Yes, that's right, upside down faster than the speed of sound flight tests. During that same block of testing, the company's first 787 would be taking on some "90 degree bank sideslips" with both Rolls-Royce and General Electric engines. The same source added that only staff with a positive 9G (and negative 9G) medical clearance were allowed on the flight.

I was able to confirm that this was, in fact on the schedule, and it was absolutely, unequivocally an April Fools Joke, and a darn good one at that. Well played, Boeing, well played. I liked this one better than last year's Concorde's March 31st return to flight, which nearly broke my heart.

PS I'm still waiting on my ±9G medical clearance.

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