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FlightBlogger on the Web (September 24-30)

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Stealing a page directly from Cranky Flier's playbook, I've decided to conclude each week with links articles I've written and other content posted outside of FlightBlogger.

G650 rolled out in upbeat Savannah ceremony - Flightglobal
After a year economic downturn and bad publicity endured by the corporate aviation community, Gulfstream took a moment to celebrate with the roll-out of its new large-cabin G650 business jet.

Embraer set to unveil Phenom 300 maintenance datalink - Flightglobal
Embraer is set to announce a datalink for its new Phenom 300 aircraft that will link the light jet's central maintenance computer (CMC) to aircraft service centres.

Boeing revamps 787 wiring, begins structural modifications - Flightglobal
Boeing will introduce a new wiring standard for the 787 to reduce weight, improve maintainability and address a spacing issue between wires, says key supplier Spirit AeroSystems.

New Photos
Also, see my Flickr photostream for the most recently uploaded photos. New additions include G650 photos and some panorama shots from the Udvar-Hazy Center. Make sure to check out the extremely belated posting of photos from EBACE and the May ZA001 roll-out.

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