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Under Cover of Darkness

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Last night around midnight pacific time, Dreamliner One, in all her glory, rolled out of building 40-26 in Everett, Washington for the first time on her way, and on schedule, to the paint shop. Charles Conklin, aviation hero of the week, was there to capture the moment with his Nikon D200.

From Charles:

Had you not had the details [at Flightblogger] I probably wouldn't have gone up. By the way, I got up there around 10:15ish, saw what I thought might be it already headed over, turned out was a 777, then saw another unpainted in front of it, thought that was it, but just another 777. Then didn't see any activity and figured it was already behind closed doors. After monkeying around figured, I'll wait till midnight, sure enough back in my location someone else finally showed up who is an employee, said they were doing it right after the shift change, so right around midnight doors opened and the rest is history.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

12 days until roll out.

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