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Is the Bombardier M170 the Global Express II?

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Global Vision-755x600.jpg
While little is known about the Canadian airframer's secret business jet, codenamed M170, blips of information are beginning to connect the dots to a real name for Bombardier's new large-cabin long-range business jet to take on the G650. The Global Express II (two) appears to have emerged as the name chosen for the new jet.

While few official details are known about the M170/Global Express II (GX2) it is believed that the company's Global 5000 Global Vision test bed is quietly serving as a technology demonstrator for the G2X's avionics. Those same technologies are currently being incorporated on the airframer's existing large-cabin line on the Global 5000 and Global Express XRS.

The Global Vision flight deck technology is built on the suite of avionics from Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion. Bombardier has been steadily moving toward the Pro Line Fusion package with its inclusion on the Learjet 85, CSeries and Global 5000 and Express XRS.

On the engine front, there are hints that Bombardier has begun to narrow its engine selection, with an industry source saying that the Pratt & Whitney PW800 has been ruled out for the new business jet to minimize technical risk as the engine has a common core with the PW1524G on the CSeries.

Only time will tell, but the GX2 is more fact than fiction.

Photo Credit Bombardier

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