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Gulfstream mum on P42 prospects for G450/G550 replacement

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NBAA10-Header-FINAL.jpgATLANTA -- During Gulfstream's Monday press conference at NBAA, I had a chance to ask Joe Lombardo, president of Gulfstream Aerospace, about the prospects for a G450 and G550 large-cabin replacement aircraft, purported to be in development. Here was the exchange:
Jon Ostrower: Can you speak to what you're hearing from your customers in terms of demand for replacement in the G450/G550 market?

Joe Lombardo:  All we can do is point to our history, we're not ready to make an announcement as far as what we're ready to do with the 450/550. Just from our history we're a company that continues to look ten to fifteen years in advance. When we're ready to make an announcement. we'll do so. We appreciate the question, we're just not going to talk about it."

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