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A quick comment about comments

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More often than I'd like, I receive emails from readers concerned that their comment on a post did not appear on the site. Allow me to shed some light on this. This blog is hit with dozens and dozens of spam messages per hour and in order to ensure that comments, which come directly to my inbox, are legit we have a spam filter to block all the Via(gr)a and S-E.O (misspellings intentional) comments.

It operates currently on two settings: Useless and semi-useless and we are trying to find a permanent solution. The two viable options, leaving the filter's aggressiveness at zero means my inbox and blog posts are overrun with spam, but all your great comments get through. I can delete the bad comments one-by-one, but that is incredibly time consuming. Or two, bumping it up a notch and having a quieter inbox that has a tendency to catch good comments in its web of ineffectiveness.

Just as a side note, I've received nine spam comments since I started writing this post.

So, I believe the best solution now is to increase the automatic filter so I can have a normal inbox and if you don't see your comment appear within five to ten minutes of posting it, please shoot me an email and let me know and I'd be happy to check in on it. Please accept my apologies for this makeshift solution while we find something more permanent. 

Happy Holidays to everyone! Except the spammers, who should be used in bird strike testing.

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