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Singapore Day Three Wrap

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I recorded at bleary-eyed podcast this morning with Addison and I apologize if I ramble. The show has been quite slow on it's last day before it opens to the public tomorrow. However, a lot has gone on with this blog over the last 24 hours.

Bloomberg News has confirmed with Boeing that, "Some of the resources from the 787-3 have been temporarily redeployed.'' A revelation that originated from the story first published here yesterday.

Also, the Udvar-Hazy Interview got quite a bit of pickup in Seattle:

Top Boeing customer questions future of short-range 787 version
Seattle Times
By Dominic Gates

Push is on for a midrange Dreamliner
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
By James Wallace


BOC Aviation orders 5 Airbus A330 freighters

ATR sells 1 ATR 72-500 plane to Lao Airlines
Lufthansa Systems launches new flight planning module promising fuel savings

This is the sign immediately on the outside of the flight deck door on A380 MSN001. Too good not to share. More on the tour later.


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