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April 26 - The Week Ahead Open Thread

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Will they...Won't they? Will it be United and US Airways (NO) or United and Continental (maybe, maybe not)? This is exhausting. Someone poke me when they make up their minds.

That being said, if these two do finally make a love connection, the state of United's narrowbody fleet renewal becomes an even bigger open question. Continental was one of the launch customers for Boeing's 737 Sky Interior and the carrier is an all-Boeing mainline operator. The outstanding Continental 737 orders may answer the question straight away, pushing fleet a fleet renewal decision far into the future.

The Painting of Florida One
In classic PTQ (put together quickly) fashion, Boeing and Southwest have adapted their high-speed trip down the 737 line for the carrier's newest logo jet, Florida One (N945WN). Pay no mind to the fact that the aircraft going down the moving line in Renton is a 737-800, the important part starts when it hits the paint hangar. When you're done watching the 737 PTQ video, head on over to SWA photographer Paul Thompson's photostream for some great up-close shots with Florida One.

Airbus On Strike
The European airframer's workforce began a 12-hour strike today, shutting down production of the A330/A340 line. The staggered strike, organized for higher pay and increased hiring, is expected to be extended to the A320 and A380 lines later this week. 

United's 777s goes 3-3-3
As a very frequent flier of United's 777 fleet, I was quite excited to hear of the transition from 2-5-2 to 3-3-3 with Panasonic IFE in economy. The aircraft (N794UA) is now in the wild and was rumored to be flying between San Francisco and Dulles late last week. The @unitedairlines posted a few photos of the new economy interior (one // two).

If I wasn't fully convinced that spring travel season is in full swing after last week's Phoenix to Florida run, there will be no doubt come this Friday. I'll kick off two weeks on the road as I head first to Amsterdam for the opening of Bombardier's new service center, followed by EBACE in Geneva. I'll have a bit of a breather ("Europe is like the size of the Eastwood Mall. We can walk to Berlin from there.") for a few days followed by the Airbus Innovation Days - formerly known as the technical press briefing - in Broughton near Manchester in the UK.

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