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By The Numbers: American Airlines' record aircraft deal

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American Airlines Boeing 737-800 N905AN

460: Total firm aircraft ordered by American Airlines, a record for commercial aviation, with 260 for Airbus and 200 for Boeing.

27: Days it took the previous record holder for largest aircraft order to fall, held by Air Asia for its 200 aircraft A320neo deal signed at the Paris Air Show on June 23.

100: Firm Next Generation Boeing 737 aircraft ordered, plus 40 options.

100: Firm re-engined Boeing 737s aircraft ordered, plus options for 60 more.

130: Firm current generation A320 family aircraft ordered.

130: Firm A320neo family aircraft ordered.

365: Options and purchase rights provided to American for Airbus aircraft.

13,000,000,000: The number of dollars committed by Airbus and Boeing to finance the first 230 deliveries to American.

286,000,000: The number of dollars lost by American in the second quarter of 2011.

0: The number of lessors outside of Boeing and Airbus identified that will lease the first 230 aircraft to American.

2013: When the aircraft deliveries begin to American Airlines, stretching to 2022.

5: The number of years it will take American to have the youngest and most-fuel efficient fleet in the US.

2016 or 2017: The possible entry into service years for the re-engined 737.

2017: The year American receives it first A320neo family aircraft.

2018: The year American receives its first re-engined 737.

3 or 4: The number of weeks before Boeing picks a fan diameter to firm to the re-engined 737's configuration.

17: The inches Boeing needs to maintain underneath the re-engined 737's nacelle as to not collide with taxiway lighting.

61: The inches in the fan diameter of the CFM56-7BE that powers today's Next Generation 737.

63 67: The maximum number of inches in the Leap-X fan diameter that will require no change to the 737's main landing gear.

70: The inches in one potential Leap-X fan the company is evaluating for the re-engined 737.

8: The inches the 737's nose gear needs to be lengthened to carry a 70in fan to achieve 12-15% improvement in fuel burn.

78: The inches in the fan diameter of the Leap-X1A that will power American's A320neo.

920: The number of engines CFM will need supply to American Airlines between 2013 and 2022, split between 260 Leap-X1A, 200 Leap-X1B, 260 CFM56-5B and 200 CFM56-7BE.

1259: The number of orders and commitments Airbus has earned for A320neo family aircraft since launch in December 2010.

2109: The number of remaining Next Generation 737s in Boeing's backlog, selling out the company's narrowbody production line through 2016.

42: The narrowbody production rate Airbus will reach in second quarter 2012 and the rate Boeing will achieve in the first half of 2014.

3518: Aircraft forecast by Boeing to be needed in North America between 2011 and 2030 to replace today's aging narrowbody fleets.

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