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Boeing confirms ZA001 intermediate gauntlet underway

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Boeing's first 787, ZA001, is two days into its planned seven-day intermediate gauntlet test that will test integrated functions of the aircraft systems while fooling the aircraft into believing it is flying, the company confirms.

The testing got underway Friday evening and rolled into Saturday morning, according to Aviation Week.

Guy Norris outlined five blocks of testing as part of the first several days of the intermediate gauntlet:

  • Block One - Dry-run of the B-1 flight. Overnight May 29-30.
  • Block Two - Re-run of the B-1 flight plus testing of the Common Core System, with a focus on developing the "time stamp" function for systems testing. Afternoon May 30.
  • Block Three - Propulsion and electrical systems testing. Overnight May 30-31
  • Block Four - Further testing of electrical, hydraulic, avionics and environmental control systems. Morning May 31.
  • Block Five - Further Common Core System and flight control system tests. Late May 31.
Boeing say that it still plans for the intermediate gauntlet to last seven days, putting its conclusion around June 4th or 5th.

Prior to Friday's start of the intermediate gauntlet, ZA001 conducted high power engine runs and tests of the flight control surfaces. According to Liz Matzelle, who capture video of the testing, says ZA001 conducted four engine runs during the course of Friday, lasting between three and ten minutes.

Dreamliner Engine Run Video Courtesy of Liz Matzelle

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