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Boeing: ZA003 first flight slides to March

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Boeing has just confirmed that the first flight of ZA003 will be pushed into March in order to install extra test equipment before first flight. Here's the complete statement from Boeing: 
First flight of the third 787, ZA003, has been moved into March. We've got some open work to complete on the airplane and have decided to accelerate the installation of some flight test equipment that we had originally planned to install after first flight. As a result, we're taking some extra time to get in the air but we will be able to fly more often sooner in its flight test schedule, which will be an overall benefit to the program. This is considered a typical adjustment to the flight test program and a smart move overall.
Boeing initially planned to have both ZA003 and ZA004 flying in February, but the latest estimates from program sources say that first flight for ZA003 (N787BX) is currently targeted around the middle part of March.

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