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787 to visit Japan in July, delivery focus on August or September

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner N787EX ZA002

Boeing firmed its schedule for the 787's service ready, operation and validation (SROV) testing schedule today, readying ZA002 to fly to Tokyo's Haneda Airport and visit airports in southwestern Japan from July 4 to 8. The company has also ruled out a July first delivery to All Nippon Airways, placing the first handover in August or September.

Initial reporting by this page in January put the first delivery in September, though per the latest Z23 schedule, Airplane Eight (ZA101), the first for ANA was slated to be handed over to the airline in late July

The slimmer margin keeps delivery within the third quarter and perhaps may be attributable to the start ETOPS and functionality & reliability shifting from late-March to early-June. Boeing 787 vice president and general manager Scott Fancher confirmed the June start of the 300h F&R at Tuesday's Investor Day Conference. Had ETOPS begun in late-March it would have wrapped up just over three months later in July per flight test schedule.

Fancher discussed in detail the SROV preparations in detail and the last phases of the certification campaign:
Here we're going to take one of the flight test airplanes. In fact, it's Airplane number two...that airplane will go over to Japan and we'll actually induct that airplane into ANA's operating system. 

We will fly the airplane with ANA pilots shoulder-to-shoulder, we'll maintain the airplane with ANA maintainers shoulder-to-shoulder. It will be inducted into their maintenance systems. We'll demonstrate the ability to dispatch the airplane. We'll demonstrate the ability to maintain the airplane and we'll simulate really off-nominal maintenance conditions, whether it's a major structural failure, a major engine failure, to make sure that the partner team, led by Boeing and ANA, are ready to accept and operate the airplane within their systems.

And we get to a milestone that we call our Program Statement of Compliance or PSOC. This is where The Boeing Company states that the airplane is compliant with the Federal Aviation regulations and that we've submitted the last of the documentation necessary for certification. The FAA then reviews - does a final review of that documentation, issues the type certification and we move to delivering the first airplane to ANA in the coming quarter.
During its visit to Japan, ZA002 will visit Haneda, Osaka Kansai & Itami, Okayama and Hiroshima, providing a likely preview of the early destinations that will be flown by the early 787s configured with medium-haul seating. In July 2007, Aviation Week reported that ANA would have to fly the 787 on domestic and regional routes for 12 to 18 months for the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) to conduct its own ETOPS certification. 

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