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September 5 - Open Thread

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CRJ1000crop.jpgI missed a bit this week covering the labor negotiations, so here's a quick rundown. Discuss.

CRJ1000 First Flight
Mary Kirby broke the story of the first flight of the CRJ1000 earlier this week. C-FRJX took off from Montreal's Mirabel airport of Wednesday at 10:02 for its maiden three-hour and 25 minute flight. Congratulations Bombardier!

900 for 787 (really this time)
On the 787 front, Gulf Air signed a letter of intent for 8 more Dreamliners, boosting the total over 900. This is not official yet because the orders are not yet firm, but once they are the 900 mark is officially broken.

palinplane.jpgGovernor Palin's Plane
Senator McCain's Vice-Presidential running mate got a new plane this week. A jetBlue Embraer E190 registered N239JB. The aircraft was delivered as 'Blissfully Blue' in August 2006 to jetBlue, ironic really, because Governor Palin hails from America's largest Red State.

Sat down with Addison Schonland for a podcast to discuss the goings on this week with the IAM and Boeing and what things are looking like heading into the weekend.

MRJ & Boeing
Boeing will serve as consultant to Mitsubishi for the "marketing, development and post-sales activities" of the MRJ. I'm still pondering this move - what do you think?

Also, this was the scene on Wednesday from the Seattle Times. I was in the back of the room.

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