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787 Line Move Wrap-Up

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assemblystatus010509.jpg Several photographers were on the scene on Friday to capture the move and they've got some pretty wonderful shots of Dreamliner One leaving the factory at sunset, a close up on the wing to body fairing, a peek inside 40-26, ZY998 before and during the move to the flight line, ZA001 at night and backing into her new home. Also, did anyone else notice the China Southern 777F making an appearance too?

Photographer Liem Bahneman also captured a Google Maps inspired 32 Megapixel look at Dreamliner One. This is incredibly impressive and is a surefire productivity killer.

Friday's 787 line move made way for Dreamliner Five to begin final assembly once all its remaining structural sections have arrived. With that being said, I went about comparing April's 787 rollout to last Friday's and the results were surprising. It's a game of spot the differences (there are a lot of them).

side-april-jan-compare.jpg front-april-jan-compare.jpg

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