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August 27, 2007

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I am back after a short (and much needed) vacation. I've tweaked the design for these updates to make information more accessible. A master list of all updates will still be available at its original page: The Dreamliner Learns to Fly.

Structural, wiring and systems installation continues on Dreamliner One as it has since July 9th. At last word, the flight deck only had rudder pedals installed. The vertical tail has not yet been reattached, however the aft pressure drogue has installed in preparation for flight test. An ANA painted rudder has arrived in the rear of the factory in Building 40-36. This is destined for Dreamliner Two when final assembly begins in October. The aircraft is likely to wear full ANA paint. Passenger doors 1 and 2 have been installed on the Static Rig which is still in the number one position inside Building 40-26.

UPDATE: The vertical tail (without the rudder) was reattached to the fuselage on Sunday, August 26.

With the change in delivery order, work in Charleston has shifted to the Fatigue Airframe (ZY998). Section 45/11 and 44 have been joined and Sections 46 & 43 are being deburred and drilled in preparation for completion of the center fuselage. Limited work continues on Dreamliner Two with the installation of clips and fittings.

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