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Boeing gets FAA nod for heads-up enhanced vision system

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ATLANTA -- Boeing has received US Federal Aviation Administration certification of the Rockwell Collins Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for its heads-up guidance display. 

The EVS, certified by the FAA last week, integrates an infrared display to into the aircraft's Heads-up Guidance System (HGS) 4000 and head-down dispays. 

An infrared sensor feeds data to the pilots during the approach, landing, taxi and takeoff phases by "presenting an image of the external environment" in heads-up and heads-down positions. Boeing Business Jets president, Steve Taylor, formerly chief pilot, test flew the EVS equipped BBJ with Rockwell Collins and the US Air National Guard during the development flight test program.

Installation of the EVS system on the BBJ family, a Next Generation 737 aircraft, includes an upgrade to the HGS 4000 system, a modified radome and infrared camera.

Boeing will have the C-40 on display here at NBAA this week. C-40 is the US Air Force designation of the Boeing Business Jet.

The C-40C is based on the convertible version of the 737-700 fuselage, along with the -800 wings and landing gear from the heavier variant and features auxiliary fuel tanks and missionized interior. The B model is the commercial fuselage of the -700.

According to the US Air Force, "The C-40C is not equipped with the advanced communications capability of the C-40B. Unique to the C-40C is the capability to change its configuration to accommodate from 42 to 111 passengers."

Photo Credit Boeing

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