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Pre-Call 787 Program Update

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In advance of tomorrow morning's Boeing 787 Program Update, a Flightblogger-style program update is now available. Different from previous updates, this post provides visual context for understanding where the program currently stands. Below is an image depicting the rough locations of the three airframes currently being assembled in Washington, and is accurate as of December 10, 2007. This page will feature liveblogged coverage of the conference call on the morning of December 11 (10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, 1500 GMT) so please feel free to come by, leave your comments and questions for the 787 leadership.

Dreamliner One - ZA001
Structural work has largely concluded on Dreamliner One and installation of insulation blankets began on the forward part of the aircraft in Section 43 on December 3rd. ZA001 remains at position three in Building 40-26. Doors three and four have not yet been reinstalled following their removal just after the July 8th rollout. Electronics racks in the airframe have also been installed in the cargo bay and the airframe is still largely surrounded by scaffolding.

Power on is still planned to take place on or before January 24th. Early February is slated for the second rollout/factory completion of Dreamliner One. At that time the first flying 787 is expected to move to the flight line where it will be prepared for its first flight. The aircraft is expected to achieve flight readiness by the end of February in preparation for a first flight on or before the 31st of March 2008.

Click to View Larger Image
Original Image Courtesy of Boeing
Edited by Flightblogger to reflect current status

Static Airframe - ZY997
The Static Airframe was moved to Position two in 40-26 on November 17th, making way for the arrival of the next sections for the body join tooling. Doors three and four have not yet been reinstalled. ZY997 was initially schedule to relocate to 40-22 for static testing on December 2nd but was tentatively rescheduled for the middle of this month. The aircraft has not yet received its dummy engine hangs.

Fatigue Airframe - ZY998
Section 41 was shipped November 14 from Wichita to Everett. Section 47/48 was shipped from Vought in Charleston on November 26th along with a nose section for ZY901 from Spirit.The center fuselage was delivered on the 28th of November and loaded in the body join tooling at position one the following day.

The wings, which were delivered October 28th from Nagoya, had its wingtips attached in early November. They were moved into the join area on November 29th. Final assembly of the fatigue airframe officially began on November 30th. The wing body join began on December 2nd when they were moved into position for mating with the center wing box. As of last week, the aft fuselage has not been loaded into the body join tooling and is located in Building 40-36 in the rear of the factory.

UPDATE: Aft fuselage will be loaded in the body join by end December 10th.

Dreamliner Two - ZA002

Work is continuing in Charleston on the center fuselage. Wiring brackets, plumbing, insulation and flight test wiring installation continue and will be delivered at the highest level of completion of any previous airframe. Most windows and the cargo door have been installed as well. The center fuselage remains in cell 30 and delivery is expected along with other fuselage sections before by the end of the year. Final assembly will commence shortly thereafter when the wings are expected to arrive from Japan in early January. The vertical stabilizer arrived by rail in Everett last last weekend where it will be joined with a rudder that has already been painted in ANA colors.

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