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Video: Freshly painted All Nippon Airways 787 ZA002 rolls out

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Yesterday afternoon in Everett, shortly after ZA001 activated its auxiliary power system for the first time, ZA002 emerged freshly painted from Paint Hangar 45-03 wearing the company colors of 787 launch customer Japan's All Nippon Airways.

ZA002 rolled out of Building 40-26 on May 4, after completing ground vibration testing, following more than a year of final assembly operations on Boeing's 787 Final Assembly Line.

The aircraft rolled to the fuel dock wearing US test registration N787EX and will be the second 787-8 to fly an estimated three weeks after ZA001 first takes to the sky, says Boeing.

Even though it wears the colors of an airline customer, Dreamliner Two does not currently have a final operator, as the first six flight test aircraft were not taken up by launch customers, preferring to opt for early production aircraft that would have been available earlier.

Very special thanks to Liz Matzelle for the video.

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