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FedEx takes delivery of first 777F, but what's under the hood?

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fedex777f_560.jpgBoeing handed over the keys of the first of at least 30 brand new 777 Freighters to FedEx yesterday. The delivery marks the first long range twin in the company's fleet. Guy Norris made an interesting point about the what the 777F will provide to FedEx for the first time:
Secondly, the 777F - which is based on the 777-200LR, is FedEx's first ETOPS-qualified aircraft. Although the company has been a loyal A300/A310 operator for years, its true long-haul overseas operations have been conducted using DC-10-30, MD-10 and MD-11 trijets. Now finally, FedEx enters the 21st century with a long haul twin.
As outside observers, we never get to see the mountain of paperwork that goes along with such a hefty purchase. Each 777F (at list prices) is valued at $252.5 to $260.5 million. However, the FedEx 10Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is public record, details the 161 options that the company selected for its 777F. The prices for each option are redacted, but the eight pages are a treasure trove of interesting items.

For example, the one that jumped out for me was the line item for an Enhanced Vision System, which if installed, would be a first for a 777 operator. I created a PDF document with just the list of options to make the 10Q easier to read. Enjoy!

  Photo Credit Boeing

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