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A Very Humbled FlightBlogger

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I found out this afternoon that this blogger was shortlisted for a 2008 Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award by the World Leadership Forum. I was selected in the Breaking News category for my coverage of the 787 Dreamliner program over the past year. I'm truly blown away by this and I wanted to once again thank all of you for making this possible. Like I've always said, without you, I'm just talking to myself. The winner will be announced on July 13th in London just before Farnborough, though just being shortlisted is a great honor in itself.

I was nominated along side four other outstanding journalists and I would be remiss if I didn't provide you links to their work.

Breaking News
Robert Hewson - Russia's Latest Cruise Missile - JDW
Murdo Morrison - Ryanair Plans Transatlantic Airline - Flight Global. Com
Adrian Schofield - Unlocking China's Skies - Aviation Week
Patrick Veillette - Pilot Experience vs Youth - Business and Commercial Aviation

Also, a huge congratulations to my colleagues Nick Ionides, Craig Hoyle, Max Kingsley-Jones and Alan Peaford on being shortlisted as well!

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