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Getting Oriented: Where's the 787 fleet? Part Three

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ZA001-PH-ASF.jpgUpdating the whereabouts of the now-rapidly-growing 787 fleet has become a regular feature of this blog, and after a week out of the country it's definitely time to get oriented. So, let's get this show on the road.

Test Fleet
ZA001 is in paint hangar 45-04 going through restoration before it heads to the 40-24 building this weekend. ZA002 wrapped up the wing fix on November 16th and was moved to the 40-24 building for systems restore on the same day. ZA003 has remained in 40-24 (red rudder) where it is undergoing the wing fix. ZA004 is at ATS, where it has been since September 8th. ZA005 has left ATS and joined ZA006 on the flight line. ZY998 (fatigue) was moved from the 40-24 building to the flight line on November 16th and to the Circus Tent on November 17th. ZY997 (static) hasn't moved an inch since April 25, 2008, but also completed its wing fix on the 16th.

Production Fleet
A half-painted ZA100/LN7 has been joined on the flight line by ZA101/LN8. ZA102/LN9 did not pass go, did not collect $200 and went straight to ATS for the wing fix on November 15th. ZA103/LN10, ZA104/LN11, ZA105/LN12 and ZA115/LN13 are in the factory being assembled, with wings and horizontal stabilizer for ZA116/LN14 in the house as well.

Photo Credit AirShowFan

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