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Movie Monday - March 30 - Malaysia Nonstop: The 777 Story

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This week's movie Monday was inspired by a blog authored by a 24-year-old Malaysian 777 pilot. Journeys Across Continents is a must read that chronicles a MAS first officer's cross-crossing the world in the right-seat of a 777-200ER. He guides you through all aspects of his world travels and delves into the technical workings of the 777. He combines some great up-close technical photography with his love of flying. I could not recommend this blog more.

That being said, today's Movie Monday is a look back at the record breaking April 1997 flight that saw the Boeing 777-2H6ER (then called the 777-200IGW - increased gross weight) depart Boeing Field heading east to Kuala Lumpur for a 21 hour, 23 minute flight that covered 12,455.35 statute miles (10823.395 nautical miles). The flight broke the Great Circle Distance Without Landing 1993 record previously held by an Airbus A340-211 (Paris-Auckland-Paris).

After touching down in Kuala Lumpur on April 2, the aircraft was refueled and turned around for a departure 2 hours, 4 minutes later back to Boeing Field. The return trip (heading east still) took 18 hours, 39 minutes, establishing a new Speed Around the World, Eastbound record. The 64th 777 built, registered 9M-MRA, was delivered April 23, 1997 to Malaysia Airlines.

The record still stands to this day, but only because The Guiness Book of World Records classifies the 777-200ER in a different weight class than the -200LR. The 777-200LR established a Distance Traveled Non-Stop by a Commercial Airplane in November 2005 with a 11,664 nm non-stop flight from Hong Kong to London, eastbound in 22 hours, 42 minutes.
Parts two and three are below the fold.

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