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Flightblogger Exclusive: NAS Air to Purchase E-Jets

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DUBAI -- The Saudi Arabian low cost carrier NAS Air will purchase more than 15 Embraer E190/195 jets Monday at the 2007 Dubai Air Show, Flightblogger has exclusively learned.

When asked about the size of the order, Embraer spokesman say that the order is expected to be larger than the previous record holding Gulf customer, Saudi Arabian Airlines, which operates 15 E170 aircraft on domestic and regional routes. This order would make it the largest order by a Gulf customer.

In addition, the spokesman speculated that the order was to be on par with the Virgin Nigeria order for seven E170 and three E 190 and rights and options for an additional fourteen aircraft recorded Sunday.

The Brazillian E-Jets will join a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft on its low cost operations out of Ryiadh. NAS Air signed a of a letter of intent June 22 at the 2007 Paris Air Show for up to 38 A320s.

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