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Video: 787 VMU, crosswinds and wet runway trials

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I have had an editorial policy in place over the last year to not directly post industry produced videos when other independently produced content was available. That being said, and knowing full well I'm about to make an exception to that policy, I wanted to share Boeing's latest 787 Flight Test video highlighting the testing that 787 test aircraft underwent at Edwards Air Force Base, Roswell Air Center and Keflavik Airport.

This is the first footage the company has shared of ZA001's Velocity Minimum Unstick (VMU) or tail-strike test that measures the take off performance of the aircraft. Additionally, the video shows the ZA001's wet runway and ZA002's crosswind testing (More Video). 787 Chief Pilot Mike Carriker provides some technical background about the nature of the tests and the different tasks flight crews undertake to demonstrate and define the performance boundaries of the new jetliner.

Video Credit Boeing

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