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December 15, 2010: Dreamliner at One

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The weather in Seattle today isn't much different from that of a year ago when Mike Carriker and Randy Neville took ZA001 on its maiden flight. It's a far more somber of an anniversary than Boeing would like it to be with the test fleet grounded after the November 9 fire. ZA002 is back home in Seattle and the fleet is in ground testing, but there remain large questions hanging over this program.

If all had gone to the plan laid out at time of the 787's first flight one year ago, ZA100 would be handed over to All Nippon Airways sometime this week or next. The aircraft would've departed Paine Field with a partially full plane of Boeing and ANA executives and eager media on their way to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, but a year later, that moment has no clear date.

With just under 2,400h under its belt, the 787 has undertaken some 765 flights all over the United States. the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, France and The Netherlands, flying to the North Pole and as far south as Fort Lauderdale, braving high winds, extreme temperatures and an insatiable media.

Soon after ZA001 made its first flight a banner was hung inside Boeing's Everett engineering offices. The banner, in blue and white Dreamliner colors, exclaimed: "Making history isn't easy, but well worth it!"

I'm not sure if the banner is still there today - it wouldn't surprise me if it was - but a year after that first 787 flight, if you're involved in this program around the world in any way, it may be well worth it to be reminded of its message.

Below the fold you'll find links to a year's worth of entries, 143 to be exact, from this page's coverage of the 787 Dreamliner since the first flight window first opened on the 10th of December last year up until last week. Also, spend some time browsing the nearly 900 photos from the past year as well, it will provide a chance to see the 787 at nearly every angle from production to flight test, inside and out.
2010.12.06: Breaking: Boeing halts 787 part deliveries for another three weeks
2010.11.30: Repairs complete in Laredo, ZA002 to return home to Seattle (Update1)
2010.11.24: Breaking: Electrical redesign to push 787 first delivery (Update3)
2010.11.24: Boeing nears end to 787 fire investigation
2010.11.17: Boeing's ZA002 fire update points the way to more 787 delays
2010.11.17: Fire investigation continues, ZA001 and ZA005 returning to BFI
2010.11.16: Photos of Note: Air India's first 787
2010.11.12: FAA pilot was flying 787 at the time of in-flight fire
2010.11.12: Photos of Note: Dreamliner Two in Laredo
2010.11.11: A Closer Look: 787 fire investigation points to P100 power panel (Update1)
2010.11.10: Flash: 787 test fleet grounded after electrical fire (Update5)
2010.11.09: Breaking: Smoke in ZA002's cabin forces evacuation (Update5)
2010.11.06: Boeing restarts 787 deliveries with arrival of wings for Airplane 31
2010.11.01: Boeing reviewing 787 delivery schedule as post-certification rework looms
2010.10.30: Boeing appears set to woo Air France/KLM with 787 visit
2010.10.28: A Closer Look: Inside the 787 delivery hold and horizontal stabilizer rework (Update1)
2010.10.22: 787 goes cross-country to check the gas gauge
2010.10.13: From Busan to Boeing: 787's Asian Supply Chain - Part One
2010.10.08: The global economy giveth and the global economy taketh away
2010.10.06: FAA turns one-eight-zero on 747-8 and 787 wake rule
2010.10.05: Video: 787 VMU, crosswinds and wet runway trials
2010.10.04: Liquid cooling squawk tied to abbreviated ZA006 first flight
2010.10.04: Better Know a Dreamliner - Part Six - ZA006
2010.10.01: News Analysis: Meet Boeing's 777-200ER replacement: The 787-9
2010.09.30: 787 News in Brief: Trent 1000s, ZA006 first flight, float concludes, 787s 8 & 9, RTO in the bag, plus 737 and 747-8
2010.09.24: Trent 1000 engine failure investigation hangs over 787 (Update1)
2010.09.22: Commentary: A Question of Six
2010.09.20: FlightBlogger Aerospace Industry Fall Preview
2010.09.15: Breaking: Boeing grounds ZA001 following engine surge (Update1)
2010.09.12: 787 number nine gets its engines (Update1)
2010.09.10: More Video: 787 takes on the Keflavik crosswinds
2010.09.07: Video Blog: Waiting On The Wind - 787's Icelandic Crosswind Trials
2010.09.03: Photo of Note: Crosswind short final to runway 20
2010.09.03: Keflavik: 27 Gusting to 39
2010.09.02: Travel Night: DCA-BOS-KEF - Chasing ZA002
2010.09.02: Boeing continues search for 787 production equilibrium
2010.09.01: Air China shows its cards as 15 787-8s become -9s
2010.08.30: Second passport stamp awaits 787 with Icelandic crosswinds
2010.08.26: Breaking: Boeing confirms 787 slip to mid-first quarter 2011 (Update1)
2010.08.26: Boeing set to announce 787 delay Friday (Update3)
2010.08.26: Flightglobal test pilot Mike Gerzanics flies CAE's 787 simulator
2010.08.25: 787 gets iced in August for handling qualifications
2010.08.23: Regulatory authorities confirm Trent 1000 failure was uncontained
2010.08.23: ZA002 spending Monday going polar for 787's longest flight to date
2010.08.19: Video: ZA001 undergoes wet runway trials in Roswell
2010.08.18: Boeing statement on the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine failure
2010.08.16: 'Package A' Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 suffers engine failure
2010.08.06: DAE hands Boeing and Airbus 50 cancellations
2010.08.06: The Onion takes a bold leap into aerospace journalism
2010.08.05: Boeing's craneless 787 final assembly line gets cranes
2010.08.01: ANA opts for three-class and high density 787 configurations
2010.07.20: Video: 787 Departs Farnborough with Spitfire Escort HD
2010.07.19: Movie Monday - July 19 - Up Close with ZA003 #FARN10
2010.07.18: Video: ZA003 touches down at Farnborough (HD)
2010.07.16: Farnborough 2010: A Preview
2010.07.15: Breaking: Boeing places "cautionary note" on 787 first delivery (Update1)
2010.07.14: Airplane 28 to follow six-week hold, 787's chance to catch up
2010.07.13: Air India to take first Charleston-built 787
2010.07.07: Horizontal stabilizers of ZA003 and ZA001 being reworked, ZA002 on deck for Farnborough
2010.07.07: Photo of Note: First JAL 787 breaks cover in Everett
2010.07.06: The iPad and Dreamliner Economy, Redux
2010.07.06: Photo of Note: 787 prepares to stretch its wings across the Atlantic
2010.07.04: Boeing and Alenia respond to questions on 787 manufacturing quality (Update1)
2010.07.01: Dreamliner: An Italian interpretation
2010.06.28: ZA002 returns to testing, ZA003 flies home to Seattle for further inspections
2010.06.27: A Sunday must read: Seattle Times on composites
2010.06.26: 787 makes first appearance in Google Maps
2010.06.25: Gaps in horizontal stabilizer prompt another Alenia 787 quality issue
2010.06.21: Photo of Note: ZA006 readies for the flight line
2010.06.18: Boeing lightning strike record unbroken with a bolt through 787
2010.06.16: Better Know A Dreamliner - Part Five - ZA005
2010.06.09: Carriker: 787 designed with 777 handling in mind
2010.06.09: Boeing's Farnborough Outlook: ZA003 & RC503
2010.06.09: Tail feathers for Air India's first 787 arrive in Everett
2010.06.04: ANA sees November 787 delivery, January EIS, March international debut
2010.05.31: What Houston to Auckland says about the 787
2010.05.20: 787 Flight Test Update - Month Four and Five
2010.05.17: Source: 787 design flaw drives supplier freeze
2010.05.14: CAO Report: Six canceled 787s tied to AWAS
2010.05.13: Photos of Note: Boeing 787 and Model 40 fly formation
2010.05.07: The official "not enough hours in the day" post from Berlin
2010.04.28: A Closer Look: 787's Extreme Weather Testing
2010.04.27: Breaking: Boeing halting 787 deliveries to Everett until June
2010.04.24: First 787 painted for Royal Air Maroc sees daylight
2010.04.22: Kicking it Cold with ZA003
2010.04.20: Breaking: Boeing 787 granted Type Inspection Authorization
2010.04.12: Picture: First JAL 787 to wear special livery
2010.04.12: Answering the 787 cold soak question once and for all
2010.04.09: 747-8F begins flutter testing as stringers get inspected (and other 787 items)
2010.04.07: 787 wing, fuselage ultimate load test declared successful
2010.04.01: 787 Flight Test wins April Fools Day. Hands down.
2010.03.27: First GEnx-1B powered 787 makes flight line debut
2010.03.25: LAN confirms early 787 arrival, joins ANA, RAM, JAL, Air India, China Southern, Ethiopian, Qatar & Continental in 2011
2010.03.23: Confirmed: Boeing plans 787 ultimate wing load test for March 28
2010.03.22: 787 Flight Test Update: Month Three (Plus 7)
2010.03.22: Movie Monday - March 22 - A Tale of Two Jumbos
2010.03.18: Boeing's Albaugh on 737RE, 777EW and 787IGW, et al.
2010.03.17: Boeing set to bring 787 and 747-8 to #FARN10
2010.03.16: A different view: Why 787 cancellations are a good thing
2010.03.14: Better Know a Dreamliner - Part Four - ZA003
2010.03.12: ZA004 plays testbed for latest V5.5 787 software
2010.03.07: Roadtrip! 787 heading for Victorville this week
2010.03.02: Video: Complete Seattle Times interview with Jim Albaugh
2010.03.01: Driving forward on the 787-9 design
2010.02.26: Boeing: ZA003 first flight slides to March
2010.02.24: Video & Photos: ZA004 is airborne!
2010.02.24: Better Know a Dreamliner - Part Three - ZA004
2010.02.23: RC501 moves to Moses Lake, ZA001 to return to flying
2010.02.21: Where did ZA001 spend the weekend? (Update with answer)
2010.02.17: 787 Flight Test Update: Month Two
2010.02.17: I think I can see an aircraft factory from here!
2010.01.30: Pre-flight and Layup: A 747 and 787 Round Up
2010.01.29: Boeing launches 787 Flight Test web site
2010.01.27: ZA002 returns to flight test
2010.01.21: Sources: LAN set to take early 787 slots
2010.01.15: 787 Flight Test Update: Month One
2010.01.14: Why is ZA002 returning to Everett?
2010.01.10: Video: ZA001 and Mt. Rainier
2010.01.08: ANA closes the order book on the 787-3
2010.01.06: Yarn v. Cray Super Computers: Yarn wins
2010.01.05: What's an aircraft equipment capability suffix?
2010.01.04: Video: The sound of takeoff - 777 v. 787
2009.12.29: Better Know a Dreamliner - Part Two - ZA002
2009.12.22: Explanation and clarification on ZA002's landing gear
2009.12.22: Video: ZA002 is airborne!
2009.12.22: How the Global Aeronautica deal went down
2009.12.21: Is Boeing getting ready to buy the last 50% of Global Aeronautica?
2009.12.21: ZA002 to fly December 22nd, weather permitting
2009.12.21: A Closer Look: First Flight of the Boeing 787
2009.12.16: More 787 First Flight photos than you can shake a stick at
2009.12.16: Why didn't Mike Carriker raise the 787's landing gear?
2009.12.16: Photo of Note: ZA001 as seen from T-33 chase planes
2009.12.15: Video: 787 takes to the sky!
2009.12.15: FlightBlogger Live: First Flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
2009.12.15: 787 Pre-Flight Weather Briefing
2009.12.14: Better Know a Dreamliner - Part One - ZA001
2009.12.14: Video: ZA002 landing gear swings
2009.12.12: ZA001 stretches its legs
2009.12.12: 138 Photos and 2 Videos of Note: 787's busy day on the ground
2009.12.12: FlightBlogger Live: 787 Taxi Testing
2009.12.12: Photo of Note: Everett Pre-Dawn - December 12, 2009
2009.12.11: A quiet night before a busy Saturday in Everett

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