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Ahead of the final gauntlet, ZA001 to be calibrated, weighed

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ZA001-AtoG_560.jpgWith the rapidly approaching third and final phase of gauntlet testing, Boeing's first 787 is set to leave the flight line for a series of system calibrations.

As early as Monday, ZA001 will make a short trip out of Stall 105 and will be towed to the compass rose for calibration of the aircraft's navigation systems.

Following the calibration, the aircraft will be towed back to the fuel dock to be drained of fuel, then brought into Paint Hangar 45-03 to conduct a final pre-flight weight-in. Following that, ZA001 will return to Stall 105 to be fueled, ahead of the two-day final gauntlet which is set to begin on Wednesday.

The final weigh in will determine the zero fuel weight (ZFW) of the aircraft, which includes the ballast barrels and monitoring stations now installed in the cabin of ZA001.

Boeing weighed ZA001 back in late April just before it began the factory gauntlet to establish the operating empty weight (OEW) of the aircraft, which saw the removal of the ballast barrels which will simulate payload during flight test.

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