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FlightBlogger Turns Two

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P56029_44.jpg Well, it feels like this blog turned one just yesterday, and the past three hundred and sixty five yesterdays were even more amazing than the three hundred and sixty five that preceded them. Last year brought 1.7 million hits and a million visitors to FlightBlogger, bringing the two year traffic total to just shy of 3 million. I have all of you to thank for making year two of FlightBlogger even more successful than year one.

Though, what a difference a year makes. The early months of 2008 showed rapidly growing backlogs and a seemingly healthy global economy. Today we find ourselves in a very different situation, our lives touched by the change in fortune of the economy. I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to author this page on a daily basis, even more so today.

The year ahead will be no less exciting and challenging than the one that has passed and perhaps more so; first flights and flight test, roll outs and air shows all amid a very different global climate. I hope you'll continue along with me as we push into the heart of 2009.

With deepest thanks.


Jon Ostrower

March 21, 2009

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