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Partial Thoughts and Goings On

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Boeing Earnings Call
Boeing was unsurprisingly guarded about the 787 in its 2007 earnings calls. We won’t hear specifics until the end of this quarter about where things stand on production and delivery specifics. First flight is still targeted for the end of June, so at least the weather could be nice. Side note, a lot of Dreamliner Two is in Everett. Center fuselage and nose section are the last major parts left to arrive.

One quote from McNerney this morning caught my eye, “By and large, we are absolutely not dropping suppliers.” A qualifier and an absolute in the same sentence…interesting. I would imagine that "absolutely" is the more important part of this sentence, but it does leave potential wiggle room.

Singapore Air Show 2008
I’m able to give significantly more notice (this time) that I will be attending the 2008 Singapore Air Show in mid-February. I personally had seven days notice before I left for the Dubai Air Show last November, so being able to actually prepare for the air show is definitely a good thing. I’ll be doing quite a bit of videoblogging while I’m there, so I’ll be able to provide a significantly better front row seat for all of you that week. More on this as the air show approaches.

British Airways 777
This is really an item I haven’t weighed in on at all, primarily because there have been countless barrels of ink spilled on this topic already. Having flown four different legs on British Airways 777s not three months ago, this whole situation certainly gave me an sinking feeling (more than normal) when first hearing about the accident.

Situations like Quito, Toronto and London illustrate the safety and quality of the design by Airbus and Boeing of their wide-body products. The fact that no one was seriously injured in any of these three accidents isn’t a miracle, it’s a tribute to rugged and durable aircraft design and stellar performance and training of the flight crew.

The inquiry over the last few weeks has led investigators closer and closer toward the fuel system and suspicions, at least initially, point to fuel contamination. If identified as the cause of the engine power loss, then this has both technical and political ramifications. China, not known for its stellar quality control, will have to take the significant steps to ensure that visitors to Beijing for the summer Olympics won’t be risking life and limb on their return flight. The odds of fuel contamination being as slim as they are, this is a perception issue that has far reaching consequences for the growth of tourism to China.

Week in Review
You have likely noticed the lack of a week in review video this week. Don’t worry, I had too. I’m resolving some technology issues and migrating over to a more stable video editing platform that doesn’t crash on me every 10 minutes. Also, I’ll be moving to the Brightcove player which is higher quality. I’ll fold last week’s orders into the next video in a slightly different format than I’ve presented before. Keep in mind the BETA label on the videos is still in full effect.

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