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Podcast: Embraer pulls back the curtain on ideas for the future

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IAG's Addison Schonland sat down with Embraer's Mauro Kern who just assumed the role of Embraer's executive vice president for new programs for airline markets. The 30min conversation covers a lot of ground and really gets into the Brazilian airframer's thinking on future aircraft projects. Embraer - more or less - has narrowed it down to re-engining the E-Jets, building a new turboprop or building a new narrobody to compete with the CSeries, dubbed the E-195X. While Kern identifies these three options, he concedes that the turboprop market today is likely not strong enough to justify an offering from Embraer. With a decision set for the end of the year, Kern also emphasizes that idea of a further integrated and networked 'intelligent' aircraft as a driver of efficiency will be key to any future offering. 

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