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Emirates price tag for an A380 stands at $234,000,000

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Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EDF

Quick item from the Department of Things That Probably Weren't Meant to be Posted on the Internet: inexplicably posted an announcement from Nimrod Capital LLC, which today bought the first of three A380s it is leasing to Emirates, each for 12 years. 

All the headlines have been focused on China Southern's first A380 delivery today, but for Doric Nimrod Air Two Limited, MSN077 is their first aircraft, and the 16th of 90 that the Dubai-based carrier has on order.
Doric Nimrod Air Two Limited (the "Company") is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, MSN 077 Limited (the "Subsidiary"), has today acquired an Airbus A380-800 aircraft bearing manufacturer's serial number 077 (the "Aircraft") for the sum of US$234,000,000. The Aircraft was delivered to the Subsidiary today at the Airbus delivery centre in Hamburg, Germany.
The Airbus list price of an A380 currently stands at $375.3 million, providing an interesting glimpse into what Airbus' largest superjumbo customer is paying for its new aircraft. At $234 million, Emirates is receiving a 38% discount off list price, which is not far off the industry standard for the magnitude of the carrier's order. 

What's not clear from this figure is if the price of the Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, which list for $16.6 million each, is included in that price. Further, what share of the price includes the extensive interior customization and in-flight entertainment is also not known, but at the price Nimrod is paying, you begin to get a rough sense of the share that revenue that actually goes back to Airbus.

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