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Flightblogger has the Roll-Out Covered: IN SEATTLE

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While we all know Boeing's plans for the Dreamliner One roll out, Flightblogger is taking it, as always, one step farther.

This blogger has been granted a media credential by Boeing for the roll out ceremony at Qwest Field on Sunday, July 8.

Throughout the afternoon of July 8, Flightblogger will provide live blogging of the roll-out. (depending on wireless availability) If your watching the roll out on your computer, this blogger recommends you have three windows open. Your streaming media player, roll-out forum thread, and of course Flightblogger. This page will be providing photographs of the live event to illustrate and provide commentary on the roll out of Dreamliner One.

Live blogging the roll out is not enough for this writer. Flightblogger is also excited to announce something you will not see anywhere else. Boeing expects nearly 22,000 attendees at Qwest Field in Seattle and of course hundreds of 787 program employees right on the factory floor.

I plan to be one of them.

Now I know for a fact that Boeing Employees frequent this page, and I kindly ask for your participation in providing a unique view for the world to see all of your incredible hard work. With your camera phones, please send pictures of the roll out from your point of view to Flightblogger will be posting your photos, from your perspective, right here.

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