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Travel Night: IAD-CDG

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Travel Night: IAD-CDG, originally uploaded by flightblogger.

Well we're back again for another mid-summer air show and it's full steam ahead into Paris. I'm aboard United 914, a Boeing 777-200ER (N215UA) heading to Charles DeGaulle Airport for the overnight pond crossing. You may also recognize that other Paris-bound jet taxiing off our wing. We are in a 20 minute weather hold and they let us use our phones, so worry not. Though as I watch my time between arrival and transit to the morning's EADS seminar shrink, I'm reminded that air shows start are structured events, then quickly disintegrate into room temperature jello. This show appears to be no different. My colleague, Mary Kirby, is over in Paris already and we will be bringing you our daily wrap videos from the show along with full end to end coverage with the entire Flightglobal team. Paris 2011 is straight ahead.

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