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My question to Boeing CEO Jim McNerney

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This exchange came this morning at Boeing's Third Quarter 2009 earnings conference call:
Jon Ostrower:
Good morning. Questions for you about how we come back to hearing different things about [787 program] schedules, whether it is from on-line news media, or the financial community, and you then get these very confident declarations from you guys about the status of the program. Are you guys willing to stake your leadership on this? I'm trying to get a sense of where the buck stops after six delays here.

Jim McNerney:
Listen, we're all responding, I assume you're talking about the 787 program?

Yes, I am.

And the entire leadership of the Company plays a role in -- in getting this program done and out to our customers. It has been a difficult program. It has been technologically innovative, new to the world, in its characteristics, and we all wish that the program had gone more smoothly, and I think we all share responsibility in it not going as smoothly as we want but we're also going to share responsibility in its ultimate success when we get there. So we're a team going after this thing.

Thank you.

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