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Is Boeing getting ready to buy the last 50% of Global Aeronautica?

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Charleston is abuzz once again that Boeing might be getting ready to buy the last 50% of Global Aeronautica from Alenia. 

Multiple program sources report that a 6:15 AM ET all-hands meeting is planned for an undisclosed purpose tomorrow morning for the 3rd and 1st shifts working at Boeing Charleston and Global Aeronautica.

While no agenda has been disclosed for the meeting, all signs point to a potential announcement of an acquisition by Boeing of the final 50% of the North Charleston facility.

Could we see simultaneous releases tomorrow morning on a Global Aeronautica deal, as well as the first flight of ZA002?

I asked Pat Shanahan, vice president of airplane programs, last Tuesday if he was content with the 50-50 model for sharing ownership with Alenia. His reply:
"Operationally there's no division, it's pretty seamless so we work very collaboratively, and with our experience people really line up as a team...people don't look at who owns what make sure they have a vote," he replied.
Global Aeronautica is responsible for the integration of the 787's center fuselage sections. Alenia fabricates Sections 44 and 46 in Grottalie, Italy, while Kawasaki and Fuji Heavy Industries are responsible for Sections 43 an 45/11, respectively, with both built in Nagoya Japan.

Once integrated, the structures are shipped via the Dreamlifter to Everett for final assembly.

Boeing first purchased Vought's 50% share in Global Aeronautica back in March of 2008 after the airframer moved to increase oversight at the North Charleston facility. 

The company has slowly expanded its ownership of the site, later purchasing Vought's aft fuselage facility in July raising the total share of ownership of the site to 75%. 

Finally, in October, Boeing selected North Charleston as the site of the second 787 final assembly line. 

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what materializes. 

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