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Boeing puts original 787 tooling on eBay, yours for $14,999.99

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Off to the left wing of a 787 at position three inside Boeing's 40-26 final assembly line, you'll find a 70,500lb piece of tooling called the Max Move. Designed to lift and install General Electric GEnx-1B and Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines into position for installation under the wing, this particular Max Move was built in Sweden in 2007 and can lift a hefty 31,000lbs. It was part of the company's repertoire of ultra-lean tooling to minimize the recurring cost of the 787 and reduce reliance on legacy equipment such as overhead cranes. 

Now Boeing has put up the MaxMove up for sale on eBay! The starting bid is a mere $14,999 and you've got until next Tuesday to submit your bid. Bidadoo, who is running the auction for Boeing, is still waiting on the first bid, so this Swedish robo-tooling could be yours for a steal.

From what I understand from program sources, the Max Mover was used once in 2007 to install the Trent 1000s for ZA001 ahead of the July rollout, but has laid dormant off to the side on the factory floor ever since. Boeing has since opted for a much leaner pylon winch system to load engines, which has yielded significantly faster engine installation times. It's not the first time Boeing has shifted its original tooling plan, the company now uses legacy overhead cranes to move 787 wings into position for final body join, rather than mobile floor tooling.

The MaxMove needs to be out of the factory by July 1, so make sure your PayPal account is ready to roll.

Lastly, a very special thank you to the person who pointed this out to me.

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