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CFM and GE certify third engine in two weeks

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CFM56-7BE RED_560.jpgFor the third time in two weeks, CFM (GE & Snecma) and GE have announced certification of new engine variants. Most recently on July 30, CFM was granted certification of the updated CFM56-7BE engine, which will enter service in mid-2011 on the Boeing 737.

The -7BE evolution engine will fly in the fourth quarter on a Continental 737-800, as Boeing looks to deliver at least 2% improvement in fuel burn to its existing single-aisle product line. The company test flew the new nacelle design in August 2009.

The engine features a revised high pressure turbine guide vane diffuser, improved high pressure turbine blades, disc and a revised forward outer seal, along with improvements low pressure turbine blades, vanes, discs and case.

While CFM outwardly states that the engine will contribute 1% improvement on its own, testing has found that the engine will deliver 1.6% improvement in fuel burn. An additional 1% will come from aerodynamic refinements to the exterior of the 737.

The CFM56-7BE engine is part of a host of improvements to the 737, which also include the Boeing Sky Interior, which will enter service with flyDubai, the first of 37 customers later this year. 

Additionally, General Electric announed certification of the GEnx-2B and CF34-10A engines for the Boeing 747-8 and Comac ARJ21 aircraft on July 22.

Graphic Credit CFM

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