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July 28 - The Week Ahead Open Thread - Oshkosh Edition

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One down, fifty-seven to go
Emirates took delivery of its first A380-800 (MSN011 A6-EDA) this morning in Hamburg. The super-jumbo can seat 489 with amenities like showers for first-class customers. Emirates' first five A380s will hold 489, followed by a 570-seat layout arriving in late Summer 2009. 

The aircraft will enter service on Friday flying between Dubai and New York. To boot, Emirates signed an LOI for 60 more aircraft (30 A330s and 30 A350s). I do find it interesting that airlines like Etihad, Qatar and Emirates are buying two generations of aircraft simultaneously.

In other delivery news, TAM should be taking it's first 777-300ER this week.

Indications are everywhere that a commercially viable (read: amazing) jetpack is about to be unveiled here at Oshkosh. We'll be seeing an announcement here 9:30 CT on Tuesday. MUCH more on this later. Perhaps a test flight?

Once again, I'll be twittering (tweeting?) from here at Oshkosh. Rather than upload photos from my mobile to the blog directly, I'll be sending them straight through twitter. So, rather than bog down the main page with small photos, you'll be able to get them through twitter.

Much more to come this week. Dreamlifter, Raptor, Osprey, Kodiac, Dakota, Flying Fortress, Mustang.

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