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747-8F spools up its four GEnx-2B engines

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RC501enginestart.jpgBoeing has completed first engine runs on its 747-8 Freighter as the aircraft moves closer to its first flight early next year.

Boeing's first 747-8F - designated RC501 - started its General Electric GEnx-2B engines just before 1000 PT on December 8 at the company's Everett, Washington facility.

However, this is not the first time a 747 has started a GEnx-2B engine on its airframe. In March, the engine flew for the first time under the wing of GE's flying 747-100 test bed for flight testing.

When RC501 started its engined Tuesday morning, the aircraft was operating on its auxiliary power unit before starting its the first of four engines. Once started, the remaining three engines were started using the cross-bleed function, says Boeing.

Sources close to the aircraft say gauntlet testing for RC501 should begin late this month or early in January.

The GEnx-2B is part of the same family of engines that powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The two engines have about 80% commonality, the main difference being that the -2B engine is a bleed-air system, where as the -1B found on the 787 is a bleedless, electric architecture that draws electricity to directly power aircraft systems.

Photo Credit Boeing

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