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Five things I didn't know about

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LEM.pngSometimes the best resources are hidden right under your own nose! I went trolling across yesterday and found some extraordinary features of this website that I don't utilize nearly enough and you really should take a look at.

Five things I didn't know about

1. Cutaways - Flight has always been known for its cutaway drawings. Okay, I knew about this one already, but trust me, go exploring, you won't be sorry. I've got more than enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that they have inspired many a child to become an engineer. We've got most of the database online. It's definitely worth taking some time to explore. Each one is about 1000 pixels wide so you really get a good view.

When you throw apture in the mix you get a better look at things like the tail section of an Airbus A300 or flight deck of a Lockheed L1011.

2. 100 Years of Flight Archive - Every issue of Flight International from 1909 to 2004 is available in a searchable PDF database. Every page, every issue. What about the August 16, 1945 issue at the end of WWII? Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in 1969? Want to see when the idea of the 787 was born? Watch the 20th century unfold in the sky.

3. Incident Watch - Hidden beneath a few layers of content, I discovered that we keep a  constantly updated log of incidents with any powered aircraft (GA and above, including military) that happen around the world. It's an excellent resource for boiling down an incident to its core elements. It also includes links to news stories and photos if they're available.

4. Commercial Aircraft Directory - Flight has compiled an impressive database of the vital statistics of a huge number of commercial aircraft. It even includes the thrust rating for all the possible type of airframe/engine combinations. For a data junky like me, it's a goldmine. Best yet, it's available in metric and imperial.

5. Videos, videos, videos - I had no idea how many we actually had. Some recent ones like the delivery tour of the QANTAS A380 or interviews with airline CEOs provide an often unseen glimpse into the workings of the aerospace industry. There are even a few on there that were produced by yours truly. You can even upload your own to be featured on

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