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First Boeing 777 Freighter set for Thursday delivery, Friday fly away

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F-GUOC-AFC.jpgAir France Cargo is set to take delivery of its first Boeing 777 Freighter 19 February in a ceremony the company's Everett facility.

The aircraft, which is the third 777F assembled, is registered F-GUOC and is set to depart Everett, Washington on 20 February for Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

The first two 777F aircraft will also be delivered to Air France Cargo. Both are currently undergoing refurbishment after a roughly 350-hour flight test program during the 2nd half of 2008.

The new Freighter, which is based on the 777-200LR platform, first flew on 14 July and was certificated on 3 February by the US FAA and validated three days later by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

F-GUOC first flew on 7 February 2009 and will operate along side Air France's fleet of 51 777 passenger aircraft, including -200ER and -300ER models. All of the fleet's 777 aircraft are powered by General Electric GE90 engines.

This first 777F delivery to Air France Cargo was initially expected in late 2008, but was delayed two months due to the 57-day International Machinist and Aerospace Workers Union Strike that halted jetliner production.

According to Boeing, 12 customers have ordered a total of 73 777 Freighters.

Photo Courtesy Matt Cawby

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