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May 26 - The Week Ahead Open Thread (Tuesday Edition)

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Journeys Across Continents Grounded
I visited Journeys Across Continents this morning only to find that it was shutdown yesterday. Yellow Herbie, as he's known to his many readers - including this one - was a FO on a Malaysia Airlines 777, and chronicled his crisscrossing the world from the right seat of the twin jet. There's no explanation of why the blog was shutdown or if it'll ever be back, but it will be sorely missed.

A380 Podcast
I recorded a podcast this afternoon with Addison Schonland and Erkan Pinar on the EIS of A380 so far, Erkin and I generally agree it's gone well, but I pushed back and play devil's advocate on a few different points. Worth a listen.

Quiet A350 Cancellations?
One item in this Bloomberg report caught my eye:
Airbus SAS, the world's largest planemaker, said on May 7 that its net orders plunged 97 percent in the first four months of 2009 from a year earlier. The Toulouse, France-based unit of European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co. said it lost 19 contracts, including five for its newest A350 long-haul plane.
This was definitely news to me. Mainly because Airbus firmed an order for 5 A350-800s from Kingfisher last month. A typo perhaps?

The Path to First Flight
Boeing has updated with some fresh 787 content, including a neat video of some of the many milestones that have brought Boeing to this point. Take a look at the gear swing tests with the full actuation and gear doors. Once an aviation geek, always an aviation geek.

In Case You Were Wondering

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In the craziness of last week, I neglected to mention that the shortlist for the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards was announced. A big congratulations to Flight journalists Mary Kirby, Aimee Turner, Niall O'Keeffe and Siva Govindasamy on their nominations! This blogger picked up three in the Breaking News & Air Transport categories. I've tried to link to as many of my fellow nominees as possible. The winners will be announced on June 15th in Paris. Congrats to all my fellow shortlisters!
Breaking News
Airbus Dreamliner Dossier Revealed by Jon Ostrower, FlightBlogger
As Wolves Circle by David Lombardo, Aviation International News
Helicopter EMS: A Continuing Safety Failure by Patrick Veillette, Business & Commercial Aviation
Machinists vent frustration over strike vote by Jon Ostrower, FlightBlogger
Questions Raised over Norway's JSF Costs by Robert Hewson, Janes Defence Weekly

Air Transport
A Flawed Dream by Jon Ostrower, Flight International
One Destination by Ian Harbison, GreenSky - Aviation and the Environment
The Dream & Nightmare by Geoffrey Thomas, Air Transport World
The Perfect Storm by Aimée Turner, Flight International
The Real Con-Air by Dino Carrara, Air International

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