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Getting Oriented: Where's the 787 fleet? Part Two

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ZA100-40-26_560.jpgA somewhat rare Sunday post for me, but I thought it was a good chance to get oriented once again on the whereabouts of the 787 fleet.

ZA001 remains in Paint Hangar 45-04 where it has been since late July for side of body modifications. ZA002 was moved on Friday to the 48,375 square foot temporary structure ahead of its modifications as well, with ZA004 making the trip south to Aviation Technical Services (ATS) on Wednesday for the same purpose. If this order is any indication, the first, second and fourth 787s will likely fly in that order as well.

ZA003, still unpainted with a red Northwest rudder, is parked along side ZA005 in Building 40-24 (below) behind a China Southern 777-200LRF. ZA006 is all buttoned up in storage on the flightline and will head to ATS next.

ZA003-40-24_560.jpgThe ZA designations, which were originally meant to run sequentially early into the production run, were changed when the delivery order for the early 787s were reassigned to All Nippon Airways. As a result, ZA007, the seventh production 787 became ZA100. However, the ZA numbers no longer run sequentially. ZA100 through ZA102 represent Dreamliners Seven through Nine, while Dreamliner 10 is designated ZA104 and Dreamliner 11 is ZA103. Confusing things further, Dreamliner 12 is ZA105 and Dreamliner 13 is ZA115.

The first production 787s are all positioned inside Building 40-26 (top) with ZA100 at position three, ZA101 at position two and ZA102 at position one in the body join tooling. The line is expected to pulse in the middle of next week to make way for assembly of Dreamliner 10/ZA104. The aft fuselage and wings for ZA104 have been in the factory since each arrived on August 31st and September 1st, respectively.

ZA100 now sits at the head of the 787 final assembly line, with ZA101 at position three and ZA102 in the body join tooling at position one. Both ZA101 and ZA102 have yet to receive their vertical tails yet.

ZY998, the fatigue test airframe, is now positioned on the flight line and ZY997 is being prepped for the side of body fix in Building 40-23 where the aircraft has been since April 2008. ZY997 and ZA001 will be modified concurrently.

Photos Courtesy AirShowFan

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