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FriendFeed Meets FlightBlogger

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Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Last week I got pretty excited about the FlightBlogger FriendFeed which allows me to post all kinds of items during the course of my day that aren't necessarily blog worthy. There was one drawback though, as a reader, you had to go somewhere else to see the feed.

Many of you subscribed to the FlightBlogger FriendFeed, which is great, but I wanted to make it only one-stop for the information. I found a way, using some clever coding, to put the FriendFeed directly here at FlightBlogger. You can see the new feed right here on the main page so you can check back in periodically to see new items here. A definite upgrade to the page. A full layout overhaul should come later this year.

Please let me know if you like it, love it, hate it or "don't really care, just get back to writing about airplanes"?

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