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787 Program Update Liveblog

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farnborough-header.jpgassemblystatus071508.jpgBoeing 787 Program Vice President and General Manager Pat Shanahan will provide a comprehensive update to the media this morning at 9:00 AM GMT (4 AM ET) at the Farnborough Air Show. Complete liveblog transcript after the jump.

flightblogger End of update. Shanahan looks forward to showing the airplane at Paris 2009.
flightblogger Clarification: ship date to be finalized this week.
flightblogger ZA004 ship date finalized this week.
flightblogger GA experience level isn't the same as in Everett.
flightblogger Once hydraulic power on is complete gear will star swinging. Now undergoing func. testing.
flightblogger ZA001 balance of work left on midbody.
flightblogger ZA001 hydraulic power on next week.
flightblogger In service composite repair "high on list of processes to improve."
flightblogger -9 firm config by 2Q09. EIS 1st part or 2012.
flightblogger -9 trade studies done by December. How much of the -8 goes into -9.
flightblogger Reduced threshold of travelled work to get higher level of compl. from suppliers.
flightblogger 96% of hardware qualified, 100% by 1st, 2nd week of August.
flightblogger "Supplier partners are ramping up quickly, I'm now the bottleneck."
flightblogger Shanahan: Dave Hess did a magnificent job delivering the power system on time.
flightblogger Shanahan: "This is great, they don't let me out a lot."
flightblogger Shanahan is running through general program highlights and features
flightblogger Shanahan: 787 is a Leap Forward
flightblogger 787 briefing getting underway

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