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10:00 14.02.13 from admin

110K premined NVC is successfully destroyed -

Novacoin (NVC) is the first scrypt-based energy efficient cryptocurrency. Like PPCoin, it's based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake design, it has been created to improve PPCoin advantages.

The differences NovaCoin from PPCoin:

* The scrypt Proof-of-Work function instead of double SHA256
* Maximum emission speed is 100 times lower
* Block reward cuts off 4x times slower

Like the origin, it retargets every new block, maximum difficulty increase is 1% per each block.

The network hash rate now is approximately 270 mhash/s, there 5790 blocks with total 267984 coins generated. Current block reward is 17.83 NVC for now (diff 7.59113387).

For more information about Proof-of-Stake you can use links below.

Bitcoin wiki article:
Original white paper: All news


#15 from belorekov

13:18 23.02.13

belorekovВсем привет у меня проблема не могу разобраться с программой GUIMiner что прописывать там. зарегился на ПОМОГИТЕ если можно зарание СПАСИБО!!!

#14 from khaos

07:33 18.02.13

khaosNovacoin Pool at:

#13 from Vitalicus

23:39 17.02.13

VitalicusФу !!!! Ненавижу клоны

#12 from uLLer

23:43 16.02.13

uLLerОто конечно замечательно, но как оперделить сложность добычи на сей валюте?

#11 from Exdeath

14:06 16.02.13

ExdeathА кто такой Балтазавр? =)

#10 from dls123

12:22 16.02.13

dls123Добрый день.
Как настроить добычу и кошелёк? После установки кошелька, даже соединение с сетью осутствует.

#9 from harmuncle

10:09 16.02.13

harmuncleА добывать где? Попробуем и этого хлеба.

#8 from admin

20:16 15.02.13

adminВсе монеты которые были сгенерированы в процессе запуска NovaCoin - Бальтозавром, а это 110 000 NVC были уничтожены -

110K premined NVC is successfully destroyed -

#7 from moaddip

19:48 15.02.13

moaddip))) Бальтазавр

#6 from Kronk

06:18 15.02.13

Kronkкакой пул?

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sonicphobia: charleywillett, bitinstant >> zipzap >> moneygram >> mtgox >>> btc >> here

skydive226: Someone just bought 164 BTC at $148.5 on MtGox... yeah, that's only 24,300 bucks

steve7777: panic buy !! omg buy before you regret it .. you know you will .. sitting on thoes USD now as they do nothing for you .. count your losses and buy now ride the train

Jay1337: djnite, scroll down

bruckner: charleywillett, okpay

bluskyy: no one is taking ltc, what is its worth?

Whicker: ppc needs pumped

djnite: Jay1337, derp thanks bud

aftrusoon: Mass sell orders coming

mittleider: LOL i remember when $24k was a lot of money

klog1995: fontas, not until virc opens!

cblitecoin: 148.99

mrSprinkles: dat pump and dump

Spencerx2k: ppc green candle begin!

unyuncash: DUMP TIEM

Cyphase: charleywillett, sonicphobia, you can send directly to a bitcoin address with bitinstant, e.g. your btc-e deposit address

Hambos: lol @ sell wall

xiberia: nobody is taking ltc because it's worth 1.50

mcbowler: these bots are good at trading yes?

ltcfeedme: fontas we staying over at vircurex for TRC pump since confirms aren't doing good for trc?

shigoga: lol 1k wall time to dump

Majestic: lol no large red cause no one wants to sell their LTC for cheap :P

Jay1337: 11

mycketbra: hehe 15

nyx: For the love of God you better SELL LTC before the price comes crashing down belkw $3! OMG! The carnage! The horror!

nprussell: There's a 'Litepay' site being developed by a team of people, similar to bitpay. I know because I am developing it. Fact.

sonicphobia: Cyphase, good to know

Lykes: fontas, 300k :,(

steve7777: sell orders are crap .. someone can pretty much buy it up to almost 4$ .. if i was in cash and not ltc/btc i could buy this to 4$ rite now

bluskyy: ppc is cacacoin

EBlake55: alomst $149 on gox

Bigbitblock: go LTC! $4

gvozdev: /]\\

Hambos: dump dump dump

xiberia: anything above 1.50 you can get for ltc you should take

fontas: 8 years hard work down the drain... maybe... and im only 10 by the way

gotanproject: xiberia: agree

alphac: German company here you can euro and exchange Bitcoins for Europe. Each new user gets 0.01 BTC . will be paid with SEPA or locally bank.

charleywillett: Cyphase... dos this mean i can use a CC to get money on there, or do i still have to use an intermediary service like OKpay?

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