Directions & Parking

Warwick is next to Leamington Spa, just south of Coventry and near to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Easy access by the G1 bus service to Saltisford (Sainsburys), the train station in Warwick is a lovely 10 minute walk through the Priory Park in summer and we are minutes away from junction 15 of the M40.
There is no free parking in Warwick, so you will need change for the meters. West Rock car-park is the closest with a short-cut through the buildings in Taylor Close pictured below. For a first visit, allow yourself 2 hours for trying on and perhaps an hour for coffee or wine in town after. Sainburys offer 2 hours free parking for their customers.

Above you can see the West Rock car park on the left accessed from Commainge Close. From the car park entrance (shown below) walk though Taylor Court towards the white building in the centre of the picture (there is a short-cut between the two buildings to the right of this building). When through the alley, turn left and we are 20 metres on the left.

Carparkmap CV34 4SG